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Thursday, April 20, 2017 | 03:40 PM
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Pandharpur : RenowChandatai while perofrmingned Bharud artist Chandatai Tiwadi is going to start a workshop on Bharud. She is known as queen of Bharud. Chandatai wish to convey Marathi literature upto next generation. Her attempt is to widen the horizons of literature of Saints , through the medium of folk. Bharud, is something that is watched by many of us, but today’s generation has hardly heard about this art form. To cultivate this art form in the young minds, Chandatai has announced a ‘Bharud Training Workshop’. A ten days workshop will take place during 6th to 16th May. Anyone who has completed 12 years, but not crossed 50 years, can attend this workshop. In this workshop, the lessons of Sambal and Dimadi Instruments will be given by Shahir Vijay Vyavhare. This will be a cherry on the cake.
Workshop will be conducted at Nimbark Sampradayik Bairagi Math,  Bhajandas Square, Pandharpur.

Contact :
Chandatai Tiwadi : 96654 18642
Sandhya Sakhi :   99227 52581
15 6 2
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