Changes in Gym & Cardio Arrangements at Hiranandani Meadows.
Press Release
Friday, August 18, 2017 | 10:44 AM
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Thane : Recently Corporator Sneha Ambre visited Hiranandani Meadows and had a discussion about changes in Gym & Cardio Arrangements. 

Vendor Ravish Dobani had made new cardio gym in the society. Members of the society noticed that major changes have been carried out, without customary discussions with the resident members. Since this drastic change, all health club users are being put to enormous amount of inconvenience. Each of the residents of Hiranandani Meadows who own the flats have contributed to an infrastructure fund which has gone into funding the club house and its amenities. So, the members wanted to discuss the issue and find out the solution to make some changes in the current arrangements.
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