PG Diploma course on Electric Mobility introduced in Pune
Instituted by COEP, SPPU and Cummins Engineering College
Press Release
Friday, July 26, 2019 | 04:22 PM
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Pune : India is one of the key signatory of Paris Climate Agreement 2016 which requires us to reduce the emission level by 25 percent by 2030. The Government of India is looking to promote electric mobility as one of the key solutions to reduce carbon emission. Incentives are being given to push the sale of electric vehicles through various subsidy or tax holiday to the consumers. The electrical vehicle and related infrastructure policy, 2018 has been launched with a vision to provide a conducive environment for EV Manufacturing in Maharashtra. Keeping in view the need of the hour and addressing the requirement of a changing trend of the industry, MCCIA has shown initiative to address the Industry needs.

In a joint press conference at the Maratha Chamber of commerce, Industries and Agriculture, the launch of the Post Graduate Diploma course on Electric Mobility (PG-DEM) was announced. At this time Mr. Pradeep Bhargava, President, MCCIA, Mr. Prashant Girbane, Director General, MCCIA, Mr. Nitin Karmalkar, VC, SSPU, Mr. Arun Firodia, Chairman, Kinetic Engineering, Mr. Deepak Karandikar, Vice President, MCCIA, Ms. Rujuta Jagtap, Director, MCCIA, Dr. B .B. Ahuja, Director, COEP, Dr. Madhuri Khambete, Principal, Cummins Engineering College, Dr. Aditya Abhyankar, Dean & Faculty of Technology, SSPU, Mr.Rajendra Jog, Cummins Engg College, Dr. M. R. Nandgaokar, HoD, Mechanical Engg, COEP, Mr. Udayshankar Prabhu, Project Leader (EV), Force Motors Ltd., Mr. Sachin Singh, Head EV Projects, Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd., Mr. Rahul Uplap, Associate VP – CTO Organisation, KPIT Technologies Ltd., Mr. Pratap Pawar, Past President, MCCIA, were present. 

This is a joint initiative of COEP, Cummins College, SSPU & MCCIA and is supported by the industry stakeholders.  The PG-DEM has been designed after taking into account inputs and feedback from the industry stakeholders regarding the human resource capability requirements for this upcoming domain.

This is a one year PG Diploma mainly for working professionals in the engineering domain. The course will be instituted from August 19, with a total of 60 seats to begin with (20 each at COEP, Cummins College & SSPU) for an approx. fee for Rs. 1.5 lakhs  per student.
The PG Diploma course will comprise of three trimesters.

 First Semester (16 weeks duration) would start with a bridge course to bring students from various streams with par with basics of e-mobility and have one Elective, one Lab and one Mini Project. Second Semester would also have one Elective, one Lab and one Mini Project and Third Semester would be in-plant training in industry sponsored projects.

The diploma would be deployed by COEP, Cummins Engineering College and department of Technology, SPPU. Inputs were taken from the industry and other resources to develop the syllabus and content of the course. This course is being offered to the industry, especially MCCIA members, to upgrade themselves and their employees skill sets in the emerging field.
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