Team Coyote of 'SKNSITS' and 'SIT' bags three awards in 'Enduro 2019'
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Thursday, February 21, 2019 | 11:07 AM
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Kusgaon : In Enduro Student India -2019, a competition for Engineering students held at Talegaon in Mawal it was great day for 'SIT' and 'SKNSITS'. It's story of co-operation and collaboration, skills and talents with the blend of hard work.

Mechanical engineering departments of 'SKNSITS' and 'SIT' extended hands of co-operation with each other came together, a group of 30 students was formed from both institutes, (that too students from rural background of agriculturist families) distributed work, planned accordingly. Design aspects were worked out on paper, search for spares was completed. Majority of assembling of the various parts was carried in the college workshops. The testing requirements included rough roads, the team selected hilly terrains nearby campus, prepared them still difficult and training of skilled driver to take on the adventureous rides.

The responsibility of driving was left with Akshay Shelar of 'SKNSITS'. All this took a span of one year. The four wheeler called ATV, all terrain vehicle was ready for tests of breaks, and other stringent standards of Enduro. After green signal from them it was ready for participation in competition. It was yesterday Prof. Namdev Gavade of 'SKNSITS', Prof.P.D. Kulkarni received three awards : 1st prize in sprint, endurance and 2nd place in Dirtx. In fact ‘Sprint’ means in a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed, here it is race. ‘Endurance’ is the ability to endure difficult or an unpleasant process or situation without giving way. The endurance of ATV was tested for four hrs during competition. Dirt-X is Different from Directx (a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video, on Microsoft platforms.) Here Dirt-X means strength of suspension and overall vehicle performance is tested on challenging track.

Principal Dr. M. S. Gaikwad and Dr. M. S. Rohokale have put all of their efforts for this success. Whole of campus congratulated all those involved in the process of making of success. Prof. M. N. Navale Founder President and Dr. Sunanda Navale, Founder Secretary of Sinhgad Technical Education Society  congratulated the all involved in this ambitious project.
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Kashinath Wagh About 85 Days ago
Congratulation on the eve of your grant Success of Mission

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