‘Fresh To Home’ expands to Mumbai, Pune and UAE
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Friday, September 13, 2019 | 06:18 PM
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Mumbai : India’s largest E-commerce company for fresh Fish and Meat delivery FreshToHome, announces its expansion to UAE, Mumbai and Pune. The Bangalore based company recently raised 11Milion Dollars in their Series A funding led by CE Ventures. The four year old Meat, Fish & Seafood company are already present in four major cities, Bengaluru, NCR/Delhi, Chennai and Kochi. 

On going global by venturing into UAE, Shan Kadavil Founder & CEO, of FreshToHome says, “For starters - quality and variety are two factors synonymous to FreshToHome, that appeals to every consumer in UAE. Secondly, UAE is a melting pot of cultures and a large majority of the Fish and Meat is imported, so launching there was a straightforward decision for us to take when we decided to go global, since we have our own sourcing strengths”.

 As for expanding to newer locations within the country, FreshToHome has cracked coastal markets like Kochi and Chennai with their quality products and USP of  100% Fresh, 0% Chemicals, this gave them confidence to venture in to Mumbai and then to Pune. 

Shan says, “We see a gradual shift in consumer behavior in the country when it comes to food and eating habits. Increasingly, we see people around us switching to healthier options and want to know more about the food they are consuming, where it’s sourced from, how it’s being processed etc. and what better market to venture into than Mumbai & Pune from where we see these trends emerging from”. 

Known for their unique brand proposition- ‘100% Fresh, 0% Chemicals’, FreshToHome boasts of being the only online store that sells Meat and Fish that are free of added chemicals. Founded in 2015 by Shan Kadavil and Mathew Joseph, FreshToHome has a wide array of products ranging from antibiotic-residue free Chicken, Tender Mutton, 150 varieties of fresh chemical free Fish, ready-to-cook products and much more.
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