First Aid Training Program for Amusement Park Staff
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Friday, November 30, 2018 | 05:00 PM
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Mumbai : Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries (IAAPI) organized a First Aid Training Program along with Life Supporters Institute of Health Science in Mumbai. 'IAAPI' is the apex industry body for Amusement Park, Water Park, Theme Park and Family Entertainment Centre in India. The key driver to amusement parks are children and youth who visit in large number along with family and friends.

The purpose organizing First Aid Training Program was to empower member company staff to act as a first responder in the event of medical emergencies by providing them with training in First Aid and Basic Life Support techniques. Amusement Park attracts huge visitors of all ages and it is important that as park operators key staff members should have basis skills in event of medial emergency.

Amusement Parks in India attract over 45 million (4.5 crore) visitors annually, and contribute nearly 40 percent of the total leisure industry turnover which are key drivers of growth among the services sector in India. The Indian Amusement & Theme Park industry has been growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 30 percent with annual revenue of approx two thousand 261 crore in 2018 providing direct employment to over 85 thosands people, is estimated to grow to at least sevenn thousand 75 crorer by 2020.

Rising disposable income, focus on safety standards and hygiene and holistic family experience is expected to boost the growth of the industry.
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