Rosary School welcomes Swanand Kirkire with a bang
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Monday, July 23, 2018 | 05:52 PM
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Students of Rosary School welcomes lyricist, singer and writer, Swanand Kirkire.
Pune : Renowned lyricist, singer and writer, Swanand Kirkire recently visited the Rosary School in Camp area here. He was in the city to promote his debut marathi film which will be released this month.

 During his visit, he interacted with the students and sang a few songs with them.  We often say that the education system in India needs thorough revamping and the need of the day is an institution that spearheads overall growth in students. Rosary Group of Institutes is one such remarkable establishment that stands out amongst the others.

Mr. Vinay Aranha, Director at Rosary Schools said, ‘Celebrity visits, events etc is a movement, a belief, a thought, which leads us away from the everyday nuances and mundane routines. It is the culmination of music, dance, comedy acts and theatre and puts to test the intellectual, artistic and creative skills of the aspiring students. I was very happy to see the students sing along and have a great time with Mr. Swanand Kirkire.  The zeal and enthusiasm with which the students had taken part  proves  that such activities are not only fun, they contribute to personal growth of the children.’
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