Miraculous recovery of almost brain dead patient
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Tuesday, June 04, 2019 | 12:05 PM
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Dr. Nitin Dange with Patient Ganesh Bhor at Global Hospital .Mumbai : A team led by Dr. Nitin Dange, Neurosurgeon at Global Hospital, Parel successfully performed a complex brain tumor resection surgery on Ganesh Bhor, a 29-year-old neuro technician, who was brought almost brain dead to the emergency. Tests done revealed that he was having acute hydrocephalus (a condition in which an accumulation of excess Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) occurs within the brain) due to a brain tumor. A timely intervention by the Neuro Department gave this patient a new lease of life.

Patient Ganesh Bhor was complaining of headache owing to which he couldn’t even concentrate on his work or carry out his daily chores. Along with headache, there was slurring of speech for 15 days and fever for 3 days. He had altered sensorium (a medical condition characterized by the inability to think clearly or concentrate) and later on, became unconscious and was shifted to Global Hospital. On tthe investigation, his CT scan report showed that there was an excess amount of fluid in the brain ventricles. This condition which increases the pressure of fluid in the brain is called Acute Hydrocephalus. The patient was intubated, and then put on a ventilator. Later, an MRI was done and it revealed that there was a Colloid cyst in the center of the brain which needed urgent intervention. Hence, Dr. Nitin Dange and Dr. Pankaj Agarwal decided to operate and remove the cyst along with a VP Shunt.

Dr. Nitin Dange, Neurosurgeon at Global Hospital, said, “Emergency Ventricular tap was done in casualty that drains Cerebrospinal Fluid in non-communicating hydrocephalus. After doing so, the pressure came down and he became conscious. Then, Ventriculoperitoneal shunt was performed (it is a surgery to drain excess Cerebrospinal Fluid in the cavities (ventricles) of the brain (hydrocephalus). Furthermore, the cyst which was obstructing the flow of the CSF was removed with the help of microsurgery.”

“The pressure was rising due to the cyst owing to which the CSF wasn’t allowed to go out of the brain. It remained static in the brain and because of this, the pressure was high in the brain and he became unconscious. He was discharged on the 4th-day post operation. The patient came for a follow-up after 12 days and his stitches were removed. He is alright now and is back to his normal routine,” he said.

“It is imperative for people to seek a timely intervention for their health problems. Fortunately, this patient received treatment at the right time or he would have been brain-dead. So, even if it is a headache, vomiting or any other signs, do not ignore these symptoms, and consult your expert immediately. His ignorance could have landed him in trouble but it was a miraculous escape for him.” Added Dr. Dange.

“I thank Dr. Nitin Dange and Dr. Pankaj Agarwal for their wise and timely decision which saved me. I got a new life because of them. It’s been over a month now, and I am absolutely fine and can move freely as well. My family who was worried is also happy now,” concluded Ganesh.
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