'Myntra' and 'Jabong' launches 'Blink Play'
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Wednesday, March 27, 2019 | 03:28 PM
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Bengaluru : 'Myntra' and 'Jabong' announces the launch of a first of its kind smart hearable device, Blink Play. Worn like ear-phones, this Bluetooth enabled sporty hearable device, combines premium audio functionality with advanced fitness tracking features, for enthusiasts on the go.   

Blink Play was developed at the state-of-the-art, Innovation Labs at 'Myntra' and 'Jabong' that was established in 2018 to develop next generation technologies and offer innovative products at affordable price points, to shoppers in India.

The device enables users to enjoy a host of functionalities related to fitness, in conjunction with the Blink Fit App, on both Android and iOS. It also features seamless audio streaming, with well-balanced and great sound quality for music and calls and allows access to Siri and OK Google with just a tap. The device comes in three premium metallic variants Carbon Black, Moon Silver and Rose Gold and two sporty designer variants in Limerick and Tangerine. As a personal fitness coach, the device lets the user access a range of guided audio sessions on the App while tracking key activity metrics through an on-going training session.

Fitness data, Audio coach, Leaderboards is the special features of the product. Blink Play’s hardware features top-of-the-line audio chipsets from Qualcomm and also includes a high quality built-in mic, all at an affordable price point of rupees two thosand and 250+ taxes, making it the ultimate fitness companion.

Speaking on the launch, Amar Nagaram, Head- 'Myntra' and 'Jabong', said, “In-house innovation is a very strong working principle at 'Myntra' and 'Jabong' and this has helped us stay ahead as frontrunners at the intersection of fashion and technology. Blink Play combines ultra-premium fitness features on a wearable device through compact design, while also ensuring accessibility and affordability for the masses, thanks to the efforts of our Innovation Labs team that has made this product a reality. It is a fitness guide and coach like no other with its vivid functionality, aiding in wellbeing.”
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