Marathi boy meets a Spanish girl!
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Friday, June 29, 2018 | 10:05 AM
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Any novel about intercontinental love story between a Marathi boy and a Europian girl would be rare! And if it is penned by a Marathi author, who happens to be a Mechanical engineer by profession would be even rarer! Ramesh Sangle has written an unusual love story set in Spain - ‘Wings that spread’ describes the bond between Aniket, the son of an Indian Ambassador to Spain and Jessica, a Spanish village girl - who are the true soulmates unbeknown to them!....  
Patrick has a ranch in a remote Spanish village and has over 200 horses! Samuel is his neighbour. One day, some thieves enter Patricks ranch and try to steal those horses, seeing this Samuel goes forward and drives away those thieves and rescues Patricks' horses. A friendship develops....and eventually Patrick asks Samuel's hand for his daughter Jenny in marriage! Samuel and Jenny get married. Jenny gives birth to Jack and Jessica. Patrick also adopts an orphan Douglas who grows with Jessica..

Years pass by...Jessica is the leading star of her school ballet troup and wins trophies in Ballet competition for her school. She is the talk of the town. People admire her...

She grows up and becomes an architect. Her talent is appreciated all over and people ask her to be their guest lecturer at numerous occasions. She has built a big tower in the town..Jack goes to US for further studies..In the meanwhile Aniket befriends Jessica. He is the son of the Indian ambassador to Spain and is her classmate. Aniket and Jessica start admiring each other. They have the same liking and same plans for future. Both are brilliant architects.

The story takes sudden turns...Aniket goes back to India to his hometown Kolhapur. His father asks him to develop their ancestral property there. Aniket launches a new company ‘AJ architectures and consultants’.
While in Spain, Dominic enters Jessica's life and Jessica agrees to marry him, rather very unwillingly...but Dominic meets with an accident gets killed. 

In India Aniket gets married to a Marathi girl as per his father's wish. It's a blow to Jessica but she accepts the reality. Later Aniket's wife dies of cancer...

There are many twists and turns in the story. Fate brings Aniket and Jessica together again and finally they get married!

One surprising element in the novel is the way Jessica narrates the Indian philosphy to her town people. A different novel of two cultures.

Title : Wings that spread       
Author : Ramesh Sangle       
eBook Publisher : Partridge India     
Pages : 189
eBook Price : 200 ₹ 

(To buy this book online through ‘’  please click here.)

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