SIT's Students participants in 'Enduro Student India 2019'
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Monday, February 11, 2019 | 02:59 PM
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Lonavala : ceremony of wishing all the best to the contestant students of the participants of 'Enduro Student India 2019' was arranged at Sinhgad Institute of Technology (SIT) in the presence of all the seven principals from Sinhgad Lonavala campus. 'Enduro Student India 2019' is prestigious national event scheduled to take place during 14 to 19 th February 2019 at industrial town of Talegaon in Pune. Around 80 engineering institutes have been qualified for registration for the event. The specially prepared rough and truly tough tracks of hills, valleys, mud are kept ready to showcase this exciting and thrilling experiment of motocross.

‌It all started a year back in 2018, with the inspiring words of Founder President of Sinhagad Technical Education Prof. M. N. Navale and Secretary Dr. Sunanda Navale to undertake ambitious projects by students. A group of 30 students was formed with project objective of designing, assembling and testing of a truly sterdy four-wheeler vehicle aptly suitable motocross purposes. It has potential of applications in hilly terrains. The students from 'SIT' and 'SKNSITS' named the group as 'C-126 Coyote Motorsports'. The group started working with their concepts ideas, skills for timely completion of the project for days and nights together.

They were ably guided by project guides Prof. P. D. Kulkarni, Prof. Namdeo Gavade and both the principals Dr. M. S. Gaikwad of 'SIT' and Dr. Milind Rohokale of SKNSITS. Then students chose the hilly terrain, prepared the suitable track for actual thrilling test, by understanding the safety measures. All went smooth and successful but with great efforts and endurance. Finally the strict tests of engine, breaks and technical tests were necessary for qualifying to take part in 'Enduro Student India 2019'. All the students, teachers from

Sinhgad Lonavala praised students involved in this project.
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Jayawant Desai About 162 Days ago
Inspiring example of students talents and efforts!

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