Subhash Chandra Foundation launches ‘Desh Ka Sach’ platform
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Thursday, October 04, 2018 | 03:08 PM
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Mumbai :  In a bid to empower and provide citizens a platform to raise their concerns, Subhash Chandra (SACH) Foundation on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti launched a first-of-its-kind digital initiative called ‘Desh Ka Sach’. Conceptualised by Subhash Chandra, with a view to offer citizens a social platform to bring forth issues and causes that matter, Desh Ka Sach ( is a one-stop platform for petitioning in public interest.

Citizens who feel strongly for a public issue and want to bring about a positive change can submit a petition, or can support someone else’s petition. Subhash Chandra will himself take up petitions that get support of over 10,000 people and invest concentrated efforts in getting them resolved. 

Subhash Chandra
Sharing his vision for the platform, Subhash Chandra said, “In all these years, I have harnessed the power of the small and big screen to bring to light social ethos and issues plaguing our society. However, as a citizen of this great nation, I firmly believe that it is also the responsibility of every Indian to nurture the country and help it grow. ‘Desh Ka Sach’ is our humble beginning to provide a platform to every Individual to voice challenges and bring to light causes that matter to them. It is our attempt to bring people closer and enable them, to help each other. I sincerely hope that citizens will utilize this medium and set foot on the path of an evolution that the country is ours and so are its responsibilities.”

Drawing strength from one of the most popular Hindu Bhajan ‘Vaishnav Jan To’, which beautifully resonates the essence of Desh Ka Sach, this initiative will be launched through its melodious recreation by renowned Music Director Amit Trivedi and noted Singer Jonita Gandhi. Written by Saint Poet Narsi Mehta back in the 15th century, the bhajan holds much relevance even in the 21st century and talks about equality, respecting others and helping those who are in misery.

Coinciding with the Foundation’s aim to elevate India to a global stage and to eradicate the challenges faced by the nation, Chandra has been continuously investing in propagating human values and empowering people from all walks of life through several social impact and development initiatives.
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