Team Karma from Pune won ‘FMB World Cup’
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Wednesday, November 08 | 01:30 PM
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First prize winner team in FMB World Cup,China

Pune : The robot ‘ Karma’ participating under the 60 kg category in FMB World Cup, won first prize. This is the first Indian team who, won this international  competition. This team includes Utkarsh Khodake, Abhishek Raut, Ninad Patil, Shaunak Thakar, Nikunj Choudhari, Yash Ranjankar and Rahul sahu. This team karma is a combat robotics team under Sinhgad Technical education Society. 

 FMB World Cup was held in Jiaxing , China from 26th to 29th October 2017 under the 60 kg and 15 kg categories. Top teams from 10 different countries participated in this event. Team Karma was one among the two Indian teams , invited to participate in this event .Team Karma defeated teams from Mexico, China and Brazil. This team awarded cash prize of thirty thousand yuan. Now, This team will participate in Grand Finale in December in Shanghai. This team karma have been participating in combat robotics competitions since 2015 with very positive results. This team has participated in many robowars competitions in india. They have won First place in IIT Indore Competition, VIT and MIT Pune 2017 Competitions. They received Second Prize in SPCE Mumbai 2017 competition and MIT Pune 2016. They won Third prize in VIT Pune 2016, Zeal College 2017, PRMNIT Amravati 2017,  COEP 2017. 

Robowars is a design competition where teams are required to design and construct a remote controlled robot capable of fighting one on one tournament. A team is declared winner if it can completely knock out the opponent  under 3 minutes. The fight between the robots takes place in an arena enclosed by polycarbonate sheets from all 5 sides. High safety standards are required to be followed to organize any robowars event. The name ‘Robowars’ is commonly used to refer this robot fighting events in India. Around the world, this event is known by many different names like Battlebots, Combat Cup, Robogames. Some top Robowars events all around the world are – Robogames held in USA, Battlebots- A televised robowars event in USA, FMB World Championship televised event in China etc.
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