Racold Announces The Launch of Classico Swift
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Thursday, April 19 | 04:22 PM
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Mumbai : Racold, India’s largest provider of water heating solutions launched a new range of water heaters with Classico Swift today. A unique offering, Classico Swift is a perfect package which combines power with compactness to cater to the needs of the urban consumer.

As acceleration takes hold in metros, there is a need for constant product innovation to support the fast-paced lifestyle of urban residents. The urban existence today is governed by time and space; while cities continue to grow; household space and people’s time continue to diminish. Recognizing this, Racold, created Classico Swift that is a super fast water heater which comes equipped with a 3 KW heating element which heats water 33 percent faster, resulting in time and energy saving. The Classico Swift is a compact water heater, available in both vertical and horizontal installations, which can easily fit into the urban home structure.

The titanium enamel coating in Classico Swift provides extreme protection from corrosion durability, compression and pressure resistance. This feature also increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

Commenting on the launch, V. Ramnath, Managing Director, Ariston Thermo India Private Limited Thermo Private Limited, said, ''As a frontrunner in India’s water heater industry, we are constantly evolving with the changing needs of our customers. The Classico Swift has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of our customer base that predominantly resides in cities. It is a first of its kind in the mid-segment category that offers a perfect amalgamation of comfort, convenience and superior energy efficiency. The new offering is yet another testimony to our ability to build products which are backed by consumer insights”.

Available in 6 liters & 10 liters –Vertical and Horizontal Installation with superior power rating of 3KW, the Classico swift range is a sensible choice for those who want instant heating facility and ease of installation. The Classico Swift is priced at 6440 onwards and is available at all leading electric and sanitary ware stores across the country.

The key features of the Classico Swift are : The high-power 3KW heating element ensures you get hot water in no time. Compact and utilitarian design developed keeping urban bath-spaces in mind, with options in vertical or horizontal installations. A special titanium enamelled heating element gives better protection and longer life. Energy Efficiency: A 5-star rated product for select models. It has high density and thick PUF that ensures energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills. (Available for select models)

Its high pressure withstanding capacity makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications. Rust proof outer body prevents corrosion leaving no room for rust which ensures long life for the water heaters. A special anode used with the heating element employs an electrolytic process that protects the heating element from corrosion, thus greatly enhancing its life.

About Ariston Thermo Group :

Ariston Thermo Group is the global leader in thermic comfort solutions for domestic, commercial & industrial spaces.

The 1.43 billion group employs 6900 people worldwide and manufactures over 7 million products per year, and over 35 million components. With 22 state-of-the-art production units in 13 countries, Ariston Thermo Group has a global presence in 150 countries with Ariston as its flagship brand. Over 6 million households choose us every year and more than 250 million people experience the comfort of Ariston Thermo products. The company invested over 69 million Euros across 19 R&D centers in 12 countries. The company has significant presence in Europe and Asia, with production sites in Belgium, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. There is now a major thrust on Renewable energy, through solar water heaters and systems. By 2020, the group aims to have 80% of its business coming from high efficiency and renewable solutions.

About Ariston Thermo India Private Limited :
Ariston Thermo India Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ariston Thermo Group, Italy, is responsible for marketing, sales and service of 'Racold' products in India.

About Racold Thermo Private Limited :
Racold Thermo Private Limited, is also a wholly subsidiary of Ariston Thermo Group, Italy and  is responsible for manufacturing and Research & Development of 'Racold' products in India. The 'Racold' brand is licensed to Ariston Thermo India Private Limited.

The Indian operations include India’s largest and fully integrated water heater plant in Chakan near Pune, Maharashtra that has been operational since 1999.  Ever since its inception, Racold, has been setting standards in the Indian Water Heating Industry by bringing in new technology, enhancing the aesthetics, quality, durability and performance of the products.

About Brand Racold :
Racold is a flagship brand of Racold Thermo Pvt. Ltd.. Racold as a brand is synonymous with breakthrough innovation, premium quality and complete customer satisfaction. As a further testimony to their continuous delivery on performance, they have been the first to obtain quality and performance certifications as per IEC, CE and other similar International standards.

With a complete range of Electrical, Gas and Solar water heaters and Heat Pumps, Racold provides complete water heating solutions to all the sectors i.e. domestic, commercial and industrial. Racold focuses on consumer insight led innovation which has led to technological features like Programmable cycle, Smart Bath Logic and Eco sense.

Racold is the first water heater brand to be recognized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) successively for the last 8 years. It has won the prestigious National Energy conservation award consecutively 7 times in a row from 2010 to 2016 and the “Most Energy Efficient Appliance of the year” award in 2017. This award has been instituted by BEE in the electric storage water heater category.

Racold has been awarded as the ‘Most Trusted Brand in India’ in water heater segment by the Brand Trust report 2016 based on research conducted by Trust Research Advisory (TRA). The award is a testimony to the dominance that the brand enjoys in the customer minds.
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