Director Dr. J. S. Randhawa wants to create meaningful movies with message but not without true humour
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017 | 06:03 PM
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Team 'Muskurahatein'Nowadays there are no hard and fast borders of careers. Anyone can do anything. Rather it adds different perspective to the work. A doctor is entering in to direction with his own different perspectives about cinema and film crafting. He has directed films named ‘Muskurahatein’ and ‘10 nahi 40’. His primary aim behind creating any movie is to make them meaningful and give some message, but that too not without humour. So, this will be a different combination for audience. Recently we had an interview with Director Dr. J. S. Randhawa, let’s read what he thinks about his journey to filmmaking.

Q : Being from a very different background of medicine concerning patient care, what made you think of movies
A : I myself don’t know, as neither I am movie buff or fan of celebrities. in fact I did not own TV since last 17 years. Just few months back i got it installed since being part of fraternity it is important to keep track of latest in films and entertainment. However deep inside me there was a feeling to do something for myself which interested me and helped humanity. For me, god is something deep inside us and the only prayer acceptable to him is social service. Such a  service indirectly means pleasing oneself through the god within. There are various social services people are doing like sponsoring education of poor, helping the sick, providing shelter, food , water to needy etc. 
I really appreciate their efforts. However i wanted to do something at mass level so that large sections can be benefited. We had organised lots of plays for save the girl child and found audience getting highly motivated. Some used to even come on stage and cry. From here it came to my mind that what if we bring such important social messages at large scale level. That will be our biggest service to society and most powerful prayer to god. It is here that the concept of movies came to my mind, as there cannot be bigger tool and platform than movies.

Q : Movies is a risky venture, it can bring huge profits as well as losses? what do you say on this part?
A : very true. For us profit holds no value. In fact whatever profits if we do get, we will use for the benefits of weaker section of society. We have our medical practice which is more than sufficient to feed us. This Endeavour is due to our passion for creativity besides the social cause. By serving, we are only obliging   ourselves, to imbibe inner peace, since we believe this is true prayer.

Q : What type of movies have you made and what are your plans in future
A : present or future , our goal is same, to create meaningful movies with message but not without true humour, as primary aim for the audience is entertainment and any movie lacking in that part is just documentary at the most.

Q : What do you mean by true humor?
A : by this we mean comedy which get a feeling of joy from within and not slapstick comedy.

Q : What are the movies which are lined for release
A : we have Muskurahatein coming in august 2017 and the second movie 10 nahi 40 is in post production, to be released just after few months.

Q : So how these two movies are with messages
A : Muskurahtein is hilarious with medical college background but basically a love story dealing with extramarital relations. If you search on google you will find that such flings are so common that nearly 80 percent of married persons are involved, through fb, whatsapp and many other ways. What we want to convey is that these should be handled carefully so that divorces don’t occur. as divorcing is extremely painful, not only it affects the partners  but their children and their parents as well.

Q : The second movie , I came to know, has very peculiar name, 10 nahi 40
A : Yes, that deals with problems affecting old people. It is again dealt in extremely humorous way. We have veterans like Birbal (acted in over 400 movies) Manmauji ( who has acted in over 1000 movies) and Ramesh Goyal who too is very well known veteran. Also there is live qawali by Altaf Raza of Tum Toh Thaire Pardesi fame.

Q : Now you have shown a new path to the public, being a well renowned internationally reputed doctor , you have ventured in a field very different. What you have to say on this part, what if you entered the field at younger age.
A : At least I would have never imagined entering earlier. I am from extremely middle class family, in fact most of the professionals are similar financially and that probably motivates them to work harder, so I could never imagine entering movie line during a period when food and shelter was prime concern. Films are highly risky venture. When one enters it at a young age the risk is huge as there is no source of regular income for the strugglers. This makes the job even tougher. It takes them to desperation for work. With desperation, performance nose dives due to Nervousness and failure occurs just due to the circumstances. So for many it makes more sense to establish oneself with a sustainable income or savings and then venture into such field. Nowadays with such high technicalities and most of the lead actors of mature age, it is very much feasible to be able to make a mark even with late entry.
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