Audubon chapter of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh hosted Guru Vandana event
Friday, May 31, 2019 | 04:04 PM
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Audubon (Pennsylvania) :
The month of May is celebrated as Teachers Appreciation Month in the United States. As part of this celebration, the Audubon chapter of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, a volunteer based organization, hosted its annual Guru Vandana event on May 19, 2019. This event offers students the opportunity to thank their teachers for all that they do throughout the year. The program was attended by a variety of educators including 18 teachers, 2 principals, one district superintendent, one district director of student services, and the Pennsylvania state senator for the 44th district, Katie Muth. A total of about 130 people attended this event.

Teachers are revered as dispeller of darkness or ignorance and provider of light or knowledge, so they are highly regarded in Hindu culture. In the Guru Vandana event, they are honored in traditional Hindu way.

As teachers started arriving to the event, they had an opportunity to check out presentations made by students on various topics related to the Hindu culture and Dharma. The event officially started with lighting of the lamp by Pennsylvania State Senator Katie Muth. Teachers enthusiastically participated in some light yoga and icebreaker games. Next, a presentation on the significance of Guru Vandana and how it is important in Hindu tradition was well received by all. It was followed by kids chanting shlokas, hyms in Sanskrit, which conveyed how Hindus revere Guru as God, and place them at the highest position in life. The guests then had an opportunity to watch a beautiful traditional Indian dance called Yogchap or lezim on a devotional song, which was performed by mothers and daughters in pairs. Following this, kids presented musical performance on flute, violin and viola with the compositions learnt in Shakha. Next was scintillating Bharatanatyam performance, a classical dance in classical attire.

As part of performing Guru Pooja, the Educators were then felicitated by the students in traditional Hindu way by applying kumkum (vermilion) on forehead, performing aarti, and touching their feet to seek their blessings. They were offered flowers and a gift as a token of appreciation.

The guests were then requested to share their thoughts on the event. The response was highly encouraging and inspiring. “It was special to take part in the event and to learn about the Hindu philosophy that the whole world is one family. I think that we could all learn to consistently apply that philosophy to our own lives in how we treat others with empathy and respect” , remarked Senator Muth. The teachers also appreciated how they were able to better understand and experience Hindu culture.

The event concluded with delicious Indian vegetarian food which everyone enjoyed while conversing and getting to know each other.

(ही बातमी मराठीत वाचण्यासाठी येथे क्लिक करा.)
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