Life Changing Surgeries for the Poor
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Saturday, June 24, 2017 | 06:16 PM
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Pune : At the instance of Agarwal Club Charitable Trust, Pune a free surgery screening camp is being planned at the clinic of Dr. Pankaj Jindal on 3rd July, 2017. This screening would be followed by free surgeries later in a planned manner. The intended corrective surgeries are relating to the functional disabilities to the patient for burn contractures and also for children born with deformities and spastic, etc.
Interested patients may contact to any one of the Social workers and register for exploring the possibility of right surgical solutions to their problem. Dr. Pankaj Jindal, renowned Micro Hand Surgery specialists along with the team, is regularly organizing such noble activity for last over 15 years totally free of cost for those who are deprived of such surgical solutions for want of money and information.

Contact : 
Social workers:
Mobile : 7588148805 
Mobile : 09823061785 
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