Slumdog Millionaire actor’s short film got selected at the Asian American International Film Festival in New York!
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 | 12:22 PM
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Mumbai : Actor Arfi Lamba, who made his debut in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire (2008), is excited that his short film on minorities, The Idiot, has been selected for the 40th Asian American International Film Festival in New York. 
The 18-minute short, which is directed by Ruchi Joshi and Sriram Ganapathy, is all set to have its world premiere on July 27. 

Inspired by true events, the short has been filmed entirely in black-and-white with Lamba playing the title role (in and as The Idiot). A political satire, the film touches upon the issue of Islamophobia and the directors have rightly used dark humour to tell a ‘serious’ tale, which exposes the bigotry of a society fed on religious stereotypes and paranoia. 

Arfi LambaNaturally, Lamba, who impressed one and all with his impeccable comic timing in Akshay Kumar starrer in Singh Is Bliing (2015), is on cloud nine, especially since the film has been ‘official selected’, in one of the oldest and most reputable film festivals in America. 
‘I am glad that I could be a part of a film that tackles Islamophobia,’ says Lamba, who has been part of acclaimed theatre productions before foraying into films.

Now, Lamba is not new to short films. As an artist, he has been actively involved with short films long before he came to Bollywood. He has appeared in short films such as Shunyata (2007), A Perfect Murder (2007) and Rohan Sabharwal’s film Shades of Grey. So, for Lamba, The Idiot is very close to his heart, especially because it deals with a subject which is highly relevant in today’s time. 

Arfi LambaThough Indian audience is yet to warm up to short films just like the feature films, Lamba is optimistic about the future of short films in the country. And although the engineer-turned-actor is gaining popularity as a mainstream actor with films such Singh Is Bliing and Fugly (2014) under his belt, he promises to be part of films, which will reflect the truth of our society. Also, as an actor he wants to be part of every kind of cinema and hence does not segregate between mainstream and parallel films. He received rave reviews for his acting in Prague (2013) and Gift, which released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and he learnt German language for the mobie (2017). 

‘Short films are gaining importance in terms of relevance. I intend to be part of many more such films that put spotlight on what is wrong with us as a society,’ Lamba says, adding, ‘As an artist, I will always give art more importance and preference than pure entertainment.’

Arfi LambaMeanwhile, director duo Ruchi and Sriram, too are ecstatic about the film’s selection at the prestigious international film festival. Ruchi’s feature film script ‘All about Her’ was selected for NFDC Screenwriter's Lab, Sarajevo. Presently, she is in talks with production houses for her upcoming films. Sriram has shot several advertisements and recently directed Amitabh Bachchan in a popular ad. He has also shot five feature films including Sixteen and Jigariya.

Lamba’s company Bombay Berlin Film Productions has co-produced The Idiot.
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