Disaster management training in Navale College
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Saturday, February 23, 2019 | 04:13 PM
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Kusgaon : N. B. Navale College of Commerce & Science, Lonavala (NBNCOCS) 20th & 21st February 2019 two days 'Disaster Management Training' for the students, uder the, Board Of Student Development of Savitribai Phule Pune University was held.

Purpose of such training is to prepare the students mentally and physically to meet the unexpected natural and manmade disasters like fire, earth quake in future. To conduct such a training, abiding the norms of university we had invited the 'NDF' ecognized and expert in the field, “Shiv Durga Mitra-mandal, Lonavala”. Secretary, Sunil Gaikwad, Member Sachin Gawade and Ganesh Geedh along with their team of 10 experts who can be aptly called as Real Heroes; participated in the program.

On 20th the first day, program started with the introduction of Student Development Officer, Prof. Anant Gholve, followed by the felicitation of guests by the Principal Dr. Jayawant Desai in his speech told the purpose & need of conducting such program. He mentioned that students coming to college are more susceptible to such incidences of accidents, care has to be exercised at unknown places, jungles, rivers, dams and roads also. The area of Mawal, Lonavala has seen many deaths in dams and lakes in recent times due to non-thinking attitude among youths, over estimation of own abilities and over enthusiasm for mere self enjoyment are responsible for such life risking actions. These always turn into disasters.  

Sachin Gawade in his speech gave the entire history of 'Shiv-Durg' Organization, social work they have been doing with videos of true disastrous incidents in which 'Shiv-Durg' has undertaken adventurous rescue operations risking the life of rescuers and their working principles. He discussed various possibilities of disasters, precautions that one need to take immediately after the mishap, co-ordination, leadership quality that required in such situations. He also showed and gave information about various specific instruments useful to conduct such rescue operation. He showed some films about the major rescue operations carried out by their team in Lonavala and around.

On the second day after the introduction, practical application of knowledge started. Mock -Situation was created that SIBACCA building is under the fire students and staff is in the building, rescue operation is carried by them. Ten students and four faculty members took active part in operation. Interestingly girl students also joyfully participated in the action. They were successfully rescued from the fourth flower of building with the ropes and specific instruments.

Ganesh Geedh along with his colleagues gave training to students and co-ordinated the event of evacuation from tall building. Experience was exciting and thrilling. All participants enjoyed it. Interestingly girl students fearlessly participated in the demo. The training content included presentations on various topics, such as critical infrastructure, disaster risk management, capabilities development, international organization’s role in disasters.
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