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Thursday, January 24, 2019 | 10:54 AM
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Ahmedabad : Sales landscape is going through major change. The rise of the internet and the digital adoption by the population at large has played a crucial role in changing the way we live. Ideally, we should be able to say the same thing about sales and sales training as well. However, the reality is different. 

Most companies have yet to approach sales from this new perspective. They are happy to follow traditional methods of sales training, with some digital aspect thrown in. The need of the hour is to equip sales teams with the latest tips and strategies to empower them to close deals faster and better. 

Yatharth Marketing Solutions is a premier sales training company headquartered in Ahmedabad. They offer modernized sales training programs for corporate sales teams that need guidance on how to understand their target market, build the right approach, identify important stakeholders, deliver the right message, and even follow up etiquette. 

YMS has an enthusiastic staff of well-trained coaches who are accomplished in the business of selling. With varied experience across sectors, they understand that each business requires its own model for winning sales. This is why YMS delivers customized sales training plans for each client. 

Mihir Shah, CEO, Yatharth Marketing Solutions

Mr. Mihir Shah, CEO, Yatharth Marketing Solutions shares that each online sales training program is designed with individual component modules for each objective. He emphasizes that each module helps in playing to the strength of the trainee while inculcating practices that will transform how they work. Interactive elements such as audio, video, animations, info graphics, assessments, and real-life scenarios are all tools that will engage each employee to bring out their best. 

Training focuses on several objectives: delightful communication, data collection and analysis, objection handling, negotiation in various situations, and finally, the art of closing the deal. Ensuring procedural compliance is another crucial component of the sales training program. As any good trainer will tell you, closing the deal is not a direct effect of training. But when the sales team imbibe team-building and leadership qualities, there is a strong, positive impact on the productivity of the team. At YMS, there is focus on each participant to shape them into valuable contributors to every step of the sales process. 

YMS undertakes training after an audit of the existing functions and roles of the team. Based on surveys and existing data, YMS designs customized sales training programs that will : 

● Determine major business challenges through smart conversations 
● Develop the perfect sales presentation for executive customers 
● Explore business drivers and objectives for better sales 
● Deliver precise domain awareness, know-how & sales insights for effective communication 
● Nurture long-term management relationships with a strong company culture 
● Position clients’ services as business solutions that offer measurable sales outcomes 

Not just knowledge, an efficient salesperson needs to have the right mental attitude to achieve sales. YMS trains corporate teams to be self-motivated, even under any kind of pressure, and stay focused on individual targets and company sales goals. The team is guided correctly to ensure that there is no compromise over company business values and ethics. 

These days, companies realize the importance of the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ in employees. This is coupled with personality development training that improves sales performance and overall growth of the organizations. Over the years, YMS has aided organizations to stay up-to-date, sustainable, and competitive in the long run. 

About Yatharth Marketing Solutions : 
Yatharth Marketing Solutions is a leading online sales training company for corporate companies and individuals to increase revenue and returns. With carefully designed training modules and customized programmes, YMS has quickly become one of the best training consulting firm. 

For more information about the company and services, visit : 
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