A Collection of English Shayari
Friday, January 25, 2019 | 11:29 AM
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Shayari is the well known format of poetry. Prasad Deshpande has written shayaris in English. His shayaris are published in the form of e-book (Two Volumes) on the platform of Prasad Deshpande is a writer and a poet who writes proficiently in three languages. It's one of his dream to promote the concept of Shayari to the world. 

We already have various poets who write Shayari and this format is available in many Indian languages. But, they are restricted to only India and neighbouring countries where it is popular. So, he wrote Shayaris in English so that many more people can enjoy this format and maybe start contributing in their own way. 

Prasad Deshpande says, 'For many years, I had this thought of promoting our own Indian format of simple, effective communication, used day in and day out... Shayari... To the world in a way it would be easily understood... In English. I wrote and rewrote a lot of these and finally my e-Books of Shayari written in English have been published. Hope, my dream of people around the globe to start loving this lovely format of effective poetry and enrich it more by their vividly imaginative contributions gets realized.'

Title : PD Short Sways Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
Author : Prasad Deshpande
e-Book published by : BookGanga Publications, Pune
Pages : 57 (Each Volume)
e-Book Price : Rs. 50 (Each Volume)

(To buy these e-books online through, please click on the links given below.)

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Namrata Prabhudesai About 206 Days ago
A good human being, most versatile qualities, A gr8 friend only fortunate will get him as. And I am one of them.

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