'Punyadham' launches daily Mahaparasad Sewa
Everyday it will be served from 12.30pm to 2pm
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Tuesday, July 09, 2019 | 05:56 PM
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The daily 'Bhandara- Mahaparasad Sewa' was inaugurated at Punyadham Ashram on 7th July 2019. Seen here serving the guests are Chairperson Maa Krishna Kashyap &  President Sadananda Shetty.

Pune : “To a man with empty stomach, food is God. No one should be hungry… everyone deserves at least one meal a day!” - Chairperson Maa Krishna Kashyap’s firm belief and with this idea in mind the 'Mahaparasad Sewa' was set up and inaugurated in Punyadham Ashram on Sunday 7th July 2019 in presence of Maa Krishna Kashyap, President Sadananda Shetty, Ganesh Kamathe, Khimjibhai Gala, Vanita Daswani, Harish Sethi, Vasant Kamathe, Ramesh Grover, senior citizens, library students & visitors among others.  

At Punyadham Ashram, for many years now, every first & third Sunday of the month, ‘Bhandara’ was organized where people from areas of around Pisoli, Undri and Kondhwa came and relished a wholesome delicious meal (Mahaprasadam). But, from 7th July, food will be served everyday from 12.30 to two PM, with the objective of feeding the deserving. On the first day itself around 300 people came and had the ‘Mahaprasad’. 

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