'Galaxy S9' is World’s Best Smartphone
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Friday, April 20, 2018 | 12:10 PM
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New Delhi : Samsung’s latest flagships, 'Galaxy S9' and 'S9+' have bagged the top two positions in the latest ranking by Consumer Reports, an independent, non-profit organisation that works side by side with consumers for truth, transparency and fairness in the marketplace. Both 'Galaxy S9' and 'S9+' received 81 overall points each.                                                                                                                         

'Samsung Galaxy S9' was ranked number 1 based on its ace performance, durability, superior audio-visual quality and unmatched features, followed by 'Galaxy S9' According to Consumer Reports' durability test, 'S9' made it through 100 drops with just minor scratches. The 'S9+' survived the first 50 drops without a problem.

''The new smartphones offer stepped-up security features, super slow-motion video and a camera that can turn image into a personalised emoji. In the end, though, it was durability, speedier processing and top-quality sound that nudged the S9 and S9+ just ahead of the competition in an exceptionally crowded field,'' Consumer Reports said.

'Galaxy S8', 'S8' Active and 'S8+' were ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th best smartphones.

'Samsung' is India’s number 1 and most loved smartphone maker. It enjoys over 50 percent market share in premium segment smartphones (above INR 30,000). In India, 'Galaxy S9' is priced at Rs.57, 900 and 'Galaxy S9+' is priced at Rs. 64,900
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