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100 years of Bhaubeej Nidhi : Social Fund for education of girls

A person without education is like a candle without a wick, a plant without roots and perhaps a day without the Sun. As impossible as it may seem, an independent, successful and dignified life seems to be impossible without good education. It was this very thought which drove Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve to light the lamp of women’s education and spearhead towards making this the vision and mission of his life.

Carrying the legacy of his dreams on the shoulders with the conviction to fulfill them, Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha has proudly stepped into its 123rd year. As we look back at the glorious history of this esteemed institute, having received a Midas touch at the hands of Maharshi Karve, we realize that the Samstha is an intriguing mix of traditional ways of life giving equal importance to modern technology and means of education, personifying the idea of ‘Simple living and high thinking’.

Painting By - Aditya Shinde Std - V, Div. - Venus, MKSSS's Vision English Medium School, Narhe,Pune

Over the past 123 years the Samstha has grown into a deep rooted tree having spread across 66 units in different parts of Maharashtra including Pune, Mumbai, Wai, Satara and Ratnagiri to name a few. These units intend to provide education to girls from far flung regions, who would otherwise have been deprived of education due to a paucity of social support and financial alms. The units provide educational facilities ranging from kindergarten education to postgraduate education.The Samstha possesses units providing education in both Marathi as well as English media of education under its wings. The post-graduate courses which it caters to include the likes of engineering, architecture, computer sciences and other vocational courses for girls.

Painting By - Nandita Gurav Std.-VIII, Div. - Mercury, MKSSS's Vision English Medium School

As noble as is the cause, the biggest hurdle which comes in the way of providing free education to the underprivileged girls is that of the availability of funds. 

Painting By - Parth Kapade Std-II, Div. - Earth. MKSSS's Vision English Medium School

To this, the greatest solution which was found by one of the close associates of Maharshi Karve and the life worker of the Samstha, Mr G.M. Chiplunkar, around 99 years ago, was that of Bhaubeej Nidhi. In this he intended to broaden the horizon of the traditional concept of Bhaubeej, a tradition, which intends to strengthen the bond between a brother and a sister and where the two vow for each other’s protection from any eventualities, unconditional love for one another and total acceptance of one another. Mr G.M. Chiplunkar generalized this concept with a view to knitting a similar bond between the underprivileged, deserving girls, yearning for education and the generous individuals of the society, having the capability and the willingness to donate for this noble cause. He called it 'Bhaubeej Nidhi', a revolutionary movement having received enormous support for over 99 years, gregariously stepping into its centenarian year. 

Embarking upon this occasion, the Samstha intends to provide a platform to those discrete and generous elements of society who are more than eager to support this noble cause and lend a helping hand in achieving the Samstha’s dream of a fully educated society. This movement intends to ensure that not a single girl needs to go without education, merely due to the inability to pay for it.

Painting By - Shaista Sayyed, Std - V, Div. - Mercury. MKSSS's Vision English Medium School

Speaking of the more practical aspect of this movement, the donations under 'Bhaubeej Nidhi' are a completely transparent affair. Receipts for every penny donated, would be issued to the donors, which incidentally are also covered under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, thus providing a tax rebate to all the donors.

It is thus, a humble appeal to all the generous and large hearted elements of the society to donate as much as they can to this noble cause and help the Samstha bring a twinkle of hope in the eyes of all those girls, waiting to achieve new heights by getting educated.

Painting By - Sarth Dhumal, Std - V, Div. - Mercury. MKSSS's Vision English Medium School

The various schemes for donation include the donation of a school kit which includes two uniforms, socks and shoes, a school bag, books, water bottle, compass box and other stationery items necessary for school education which costs Rupees 3500 per kit. 

The second scheme for donation is the sponsoring of a day’s lunch for all the 3500 girls staying at the Samstha's hostel, which costs Rupees 15,000 per day. 

The third scheme for donation is the adoption of a student which helps in fulfilling all the basic needs of a child throughout the year, including her education, which approximately costs Rupees 40,000 per year. 

A small investment from your end would serve as a means for a better tomorrow for an individual and also for the society at large.

Interested individuals could pay a visit to Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha, Karvenagar, Pune and personally have a look at the immense social work being done there.

- Ms. Aishwarya Paranjpe, School Counsellor.

For more details about donation :
Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha,
KarveNagar, Pune – 411052
Phone No: (020) 25313000, 25313200 
Email ID :
Website :

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