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A book that spreads awareness about Cancer...
‘Cancer is curable if it is diagnosed early and treated in early stages’  - is a famous sentence which all Indians read in Newspapers and hear on Radio and TV but no one takes the right cognizance of it. Eminent Surgical Oncologist and Breast Surgery Specialist Dr. Bhausaheb Bakane realized this and wrote a book ‘Breast Cancer : India Perceptios,’ on this subject using a very simple, easy-to-understand language to create awareness about Breast Cancer. Let’s see what the book is all about..
Introductory chapter of the book ‘Breast Cancer : India Perceptios’, explains that Cancer is like a Crab which holds on to its victim snugly and there is no escape for the victim. Dr. Bakane has elucidated how Cancer has become the most dreaded disease for the Indian women, and the socio-political reasons and the mentality of the Indian Male behind the same.

As compared to the World scenario, the Indian women lack in the scientific knowledge, in fact have a very superficial knowledge about ‘Breast Cancer’  and to further complicate the matter, they carry drastically wrong notions and myths about this disease. According to Doctor Bakane, the major misconceptions that prevail in India are - 1) Breast Cancer is a familial disease. 2) Only the large breasted women can have Breast Cancer. 3) Oral contraceptives cause breast cancer. 4) Breast Cancer is contagious. 5) Breast Cancer only affects women after the age of 50 or 60 years. 6) Only rich women suffer from breast cancer. 7) The best treatment for Breast cancer is removal of complete breast. 8) Chemotherapy drugs contain snake poison. 9) Using Bra causes breast cancer. 10) Breast Cancer is incurable. 11) Males don’t suffer from breast cancer.. etc. etc. From his rich working experience as the professor of Surgery for over 25 years, Doctor Bakane has thrashed all these misconceptions point-by-point in this book.

Dr. Bakane has divided this book into 12 chapters describing the causes, the symptoms, the investigations and the treatment of Breast cancer very effectively. To further simplify the points he has used photos and diagrams to tell the readers how does the Early stage breast cancer look, how does the cancer change the symmetry and size of the breasts, how does the late stage cancer look, Hhw is the Mastectomy performed and how it alters the shape of the breast ..etc.

Doctor Bakane has given his views and ideas for spreading the awareness about the breast cancer and what should be the future guidelines vis-à-vis the Government, the administration, the society and the family. What actions are needed to increase the participation of males, whether any change in the educational curriculum could be possible, how could we encourage the screening and early detection of breast cancer among the women etc..etc.

Thus, we believe that this book is as much for the men as for the women in India.

Title : Breast Cancer : Indian Perceptions
Author : Dr. Bahusaheb Bakane
Publisher : BookGanga Publications, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune-4
Pages : 112
Price :
Hard copy : Rs. 275/-
eBook : Rs.200/-

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