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The White Apron
Doctor M. M. Jain always believed in the dictum - ‘Dream big and try hard to transform them into a reality; Dream is not that you see in sleep, dream is something that does not let you sleep’!! So he strived hard to achieve his dream of ‘becoming a Doctor’! He is now retired and living a contented life. He thought of sharing his vast experience in the field of medicine on the backdrop of current medical scenario prevailing in India. ‘White Apron’ aptly describes his feelings about the profession ......

Pune based retired Physician Dr. M. M. Jain (79) has penned his real life story. While doing so, he has shown enough courage to maintain transparency throughout in narrating the achievements as well as failures during his career spanning more than five decades in the medical field. His efforts and determination to pave the way through unusual circumstances to achieve the ultimate goal with a firm belief in the dictum, “Nobody can stop you from success except yourself”, should prove to be a pathfinder for the young generation.

A bird’s eye view of the Medical profession has been taken depicting vividly the difficulties and dilemmas which a doctor, particularly the new entrant has to face in the changing scenario of present times & the sacrifices he has to make to maintain his esteemed position bestowed upon him by the society. The book tries to reinstate the fact that The White Apron stands as a symbol for purity, dedication, integrity and selfless service encompassing the noble Medical Profession.
The book also addresses the changing image of a doctor once taken as “next to God”. This issue has been amply highlighted with an emphasis on ways & means to rejuvenate the bond of empathy and trust between a doctor and a patient.

A separate chapter on “Retirement” comprises of various suggestions for the “grey-haired” as to how one should accept his old age gracefully & enjoy the bonus years (60+) given to us by the Almighty.
The book also has a chapter which contains interesting but realistic tips by a senior to his junior colleagues in the profession for the ultimate contentment.

The ultimate aim of this treatise though titled “The White Apron” is not restricted to encourage the young budding doctors but also to attract the attention of the youth from other fields striving for excellence.

Title : The White Apron
Author : Dr. M. M. Jain
eBook published by : BookGanga Publications, Pune
Pages : 163
eBook Price : Rs.200/-

(To buy this book online through www.bookganga.Com please click here)

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